Complimentary Colors- broad planes, assignment five

Use complimentary colors, choose one set to work with.  For instance, blue and orange- but any set of compliments will work- your choice.  Utilize the two colors as the driving force within you visual.   Work with broad solid flat planes of color.   Use cut paper, or gouache, or acrylic, or illustrator,  but think in terms of flat broad color.   Content will be fruit, or food, or a table top at a dining experience- or anything in between, run with it.   Keep the visual as simple and strong as you can.  Fewer lines, less lines and more color.   Think in terms of shape and contrast.  Limit your palette.   Two colors are best.   Full bleed.  Not a spot image.   Sketches due Monday night, midnight, the 15th.   Finals posted online, due Thursday night at 10:00 pm, February 18th.   I can see a purple and yellow hamburger on a plate.   Any food will work.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Portrait assignment review

Glad to see several of you work with acrylic this week.  Extra credit noted.  I’m a big fan of life drawing and working directly with the subject, drawing from life, brings a certain quality and aliveness to the image.  I think many of you are gracefully accepting the challenge to get out of your comfort zone and try new mediums and explore different ways of approach, I hope this will be something that each of you can own and find value in the practice for yourselves.  As an a artist, the element of surprise and discovery, adventure and exploring are major factors in bringing vitality to one’s work.

What ever you did in terms of portrait, at some point do it again, on  your own, for yourself, continue to stretch yourselves.  The top priority is to enjoy the process, allow yourself to fall into the process of creating, for the simple pleasure of creating.   Two hours evaporating, as if it’s been ten minutes, this is the place I want each of you to find.   To enjoy the experience of creating, drawing, painting.  There is great pleasure and satisfaction when your play becomes your vocation.  You play at work and your work is play.

Illustration is not to be taken seriously.  It’s an artist in a sandbox, simply havin’ at it- for fun.   Someone will place value on the fun you are having and want to share your art with others.

One of the highlights for the week was Patrick’s prints he pressed out for his portrait.  He incorporated some of what he saw in his artist review with Gary T, but Patrick made it all his own.  He found the zone, had fun with it.  Patrick, I’m still looking for you to post a nice scan of your favorite print on your site.

No class on the 12th

School Holiday is scheduled for the 12th, no classes meeting at Watkins.  There was some brief discussion about meeting off site or a field trip on the 12th, but we will not be meeting on the 12th.  Make the most of your day and enjoy.   I will post the new assignment on the 12th, due on the 19th.   Please focus on having your black and white brush and ink drawings completed by the 12th. Also, post your weekly artist review for week four.

ink/brush drawing due on the 12th- Assignment Four

Drawing is the language of the illustrator, if there is one thing that everyone can improve, it’s our drawing.  If at some point you make it your ambition to work as an illustrator,  put drawing at the top of your list of goals and objectives.   Hey Travis,  I did an illustration this week, in seconds I can review the final and see areas of the drawing that contribute to the final or distracts from the success of the final.  Drawing is our base, our foundation.

School is closed on the 12th of February for a holiday, this falls on a Friday. There is no class on the 12th.  Final art for this fourth assignment is due on Friday, 12th.  Post your favorite b/w brush drawing by midnight.  No sketches due- it’s not applicable.  The assignment is to do a series of black and white ink drawing(s) with brush work only.  No nib, no pen.   Brush only.  Bold strokes- both thick and thin brushed lines.   Your drawings should be on 8 x 8 or larger- size format your choice.  The drawings should be from life, not from photos or memory. Bold strokes, contours, no pencil, simply brush strokes on paper.  Realism is not our goal, representational work is our goal.  Stylizing what you see and draw is encouraged.  No pencil work under the line.  You will bring all your drawings to class on the 19th.  Be it one drawing, 15 or 30.  Your grade will be determined by your effort, energy and attitude.  Also, post your weekly artist review.

Highlights from contrast assignment

Here you go- the three minute critique.   Tyler stretched himself and branched out from the pen and ink- i liked the lumberjack.   Brittany and Chris did an image in illustrator.  Shelby showed us up by sitting down to doodle a fun piece, no sketch, simply pen to paper- you’ve got to love that.  Janna gave us an image that at the end of the day could attract art buyers- paying gigs around the corner with a series of this caliber.  I like the perspective of Ligia’s drawing of the astronaut.  Pig on trike from Patrick was fun.

My favorite for the week- Jared did three pieces instead of one.  One for the assignment and two pieces for himself.  If anyone is really interested in making a go of this-  doing artwork for yourself is what it’s all about.  Sounds a lot like what I was saying the first day of class.   Dig deeper, find your flow.


That would be no commute- studio is here at the house.  Boss, supervisor, foreman-nope, no one looking over my shoulder.  T-shirt and jeans, check.  Naps permitted.   Need to take some time off, come in late, leave early- my call.  And my favorite,  I’m paid to do the same thing my four year old does for fun, draw and paint pictures.  Sweet like chocolate.

Checked to see who had their portrait sketches up this morning.  Some of you did, some of you did not.  Some of you turned them in days ago…

I’m going back to bed, after some breakfast.

Your Portrait due on the 5th.

Illustration Assignment: Self portrait. OR portrait of a class mate- any class mate from Watkins.  You have one week to complete the portrait. Extra Credit for those that work in acrylic. Work in a 9 x 12 format OR a square format. Full bleed. Include a background color. Medium: Your choice on medium. You will receive extra credit for working in acrylic. Extra credit for not working in pen and ink. Final due: Friday night the 5th of February, midnight. Extra Credit for having it done by Thursday at 10:00 pm. I would prefer you draw your reference from life, photo reference is good, drawing from life to obtain your material to work from- better.

Caricatures permitted.