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Line Up for Assignment Six

Assignment six. I’m wanting something for our illo3 wall. make use of that large printer.  I would like our class to create illustrations for a horizontal print of 11 full length portraits on one sheet, a Watkins line up.  Inspired by the great Josh Cochran, we are going to do full length drawings of classmates and colleagues at Watkins.  Pay attention to clothing details and the specifics of what the person is wearing.  This is a link to a example of what I am envisioning, a project Josh completed for the Dubai Metro.   Your drawing will have the person in a standing position and will be silhouetted against a white background.   Sketch deadline: posted by Tuesday, 23rd, 10:00 pm. Final art due on Thursday February 25th, 2010, 10:00 pm, posted.

My recommedation is to take a photo of  your Watkins celebrity to work from and then if time permits to do a life drawing at the same time you take the photo.  Work from both the life drawing and photo reference.  Do not trace the photo.  Simply use it as reference as you work out your drawing, before inking.  Extra credit for any of you that do two or more Watkins celebrities.  Dan in his black hat, full length pose would be a winner. Someone grab a camera.


ink/brush drawing due on the 12th- Assignment Four

Drawing is the language of the illustrator, if there is one thing that everyone can improve, it’s our drawing.  If at some point you make it your ambition to work as an illustrator,  put drawing at the top of your list of goals and objectives.   Hey Travis,  I did an illustration this week, in seconds I can review the final and see areas of the drawing that contribute to the final or distracts from the success of the final.  Drawing is our base, our foundation.

School is closed on the 12th of February for a holiday, this falls on a Friday. There is no class on the 12th.  Final art for this fourth assignment is due on Friday, 12th.  Post your favorite b/w brush drawing by midnight.  No sketches due- it’s not applicable.  The assignment is to do a series of black and white ink drawing(s) with brush work only.  No nib, no pen.   Brush only.  Bold strokes- both thick and thin brushed lines.   Your drawings should be on 8 x 8 or larger- size format your choice.  The drawings should be from life, not from photos or memory. Bold strokes, contours, no pencil, simply brush strokes on paper.  Realism is not our goal, representational work is our goal.  Stylizing what you see and draw is encouraged.  No pencil work under the line.  You will bring all your drawings to class on the 19th.  Be it one drawing, 15 or 30.  Your grade will be determined by your effort, energy and attitude.  Also, post your weekly artist review.

Highlights from contrast assignment

Here you go- the three minute critique.   Tyler stretched himself and branched out from the pen and ink- i liked the lumberjack.   Brittany and Chris did an image in illustrator.  Shelby showed us up by sitting down to doodle a fun piece, no sketch, simply pen to paper- you’ve got to love that.  Janna gave us an image that at the end of the day could attract art buyers- paying gigs around the corner with a series of this caliber.  I like the perspective of Ligia’s drawing of the astronaut.  Pig on trike from Patrick was fun.

My favorite for the week- Jared did three pieces instead of one.  One for the assignment and two pieces for himself.  If anyone is really interested in making a go of this-  doing artwork for yourself is what it’s all about.  Sounds a lot like what I was saying the first day of class.   Dig deeper, find your flow.


That would be no commute- studio is here at the house.  Boss, supervisor, foreman-nope, no one looking over my shoulder.  T-shirt and jeans, check.  Naps permitted.   Need to take some time off, come in late, leave early- my call.  And my favorite,  I’m paid to do the same thing my four year old does for fun, draw and paint pictures.  Sweet like chocolate.

Checked to see who had their portrait sketches up this morning.  Some of you did, some of you did not.  Some of you turned them in days ago…

I’m going back to bed, after some breakfast.

Your Portrait due on the 5th.

Illustration Assignment: Self portrait. OR portrait of a class mate- any class mate from Watkins.  You have one week to complete the portrait. Extra Credit for those that work in acrylic. Work in a 9 x 12 format OR a square format. Full bleed. Include a background color. Medium: Your choice on medium. You will receive extra credit for working in acrylic. Extra credit for not working in pen and ink. Final due: Friday night the 5th of February, midnight. Extra Credit for having it done by Thursday at 10:00 pm. I would prefer you draw your reference from life, photo reference is good, drawing from life to obtain your material to work from- better.

Caricatures permitted.

Assignment for the 28th. Contrast.

The 28th is a Thursday.  Deadline for final art is Thursday at 10:00 pm.  We are bumping it up a day.  Size: 6 x 6 inches.  Sketches are to be executed to scale. In other words, work on your  pencil sketches to size,  6 x 6.     Final image is to be an organic shape, not a square.  Finals can be created as large as desired, simply to scale.   A stand alone spot illustration.  Full Color or limited palette.   I would like the final to be able to float on a page, allowing my text to wrap around the image.  The image needs to have  a human face or faces included, a person .  The problem is to deal with contrast: Such as fast and slow, big/small, fat/ thin, tall/short, hot/cold, bald/hair,  etc.   You can create your own contrast theme.   Sketches are due on Monday 25th, before midnight.

Assignment One, Choice Word(s)

For this first assignment,  “choice words” If you like your word(s) and you have energy to move forward with your sketch, feel free to do so.
However,  if you are struggling with how to piece it together and sense that you have a lack of energy for the assignment, reconsider.  In other words, if you feel flat, consider scraping your words and start over. Forget about the word thing altogether.  Simply create an image,  create something that you want to see or say.   Hopefully you will choose to create a visual that is personally relevant.
The original intent was to give the freedom for everyone to build an image that had personal meaning and substance, hopefully a visual that conveyed a personal point of view.
Not random words, words that are meaningless.
The idea of the word game was a spontaneous, on the spot, solution to help those that were having a difficult time with creating their own assignment, that initial freedom became to much for some. I’m certain it was confusing all of you based on the duck with turtleneck crime scene drawing.    I think that’s where I made a significantly wrong turn in my communication.
You are each released from your choice word(s), you do not have to use them.   Come up with your own thing.
Send link to blog when sketch is posted. Also do not forget to upload a review of another artists work, an artist that you like and admire with a direct link to the artist site.  This artist review you post will be part of this week’s grade.
Feel free to let me know if you have questions or concerns.