Assignment Seven

I enjoyed seeing what you came up with today working with acrylic. It was nice to hang the paintings and view them as a series.

The wood paneled boxes and the acrylic gave the work a cohesive feel. Each painting unique.

I would like to try it one more time.

Your assignment this week is to know and plan for what you would like to paint on Friday in class ( March 5th). Sketch due by Tues night (March 2nd), mid night. This is your painting- your call on subject matter and content. We will be working on the 12 x 12 paneled boards. This time we will have the entire 5 hours to work on one painting- hopefully hang work at the end of session. The paneled boards (I’m bringing in) will be gessoed and ready to go. We will start at 9:00 am on the painting and you will have the entire class to do your ¬†painting. I’m bringing more palettes, paint and larger brushes.

But if you have paint bring it in.

Bring paper towels.

Bring acrylic paint brushes if you have some. And any acrylic paint you may have- I will have plenty to share.

Bring your approved sketch to work from.

Look forward to seeing your sketch on Tuesday.


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