Portrait assignment review

Glad to see several of you work with acrylic this week.  Extra credit noted.  I’m a big fan of life drawing and working directly with the subject, drawing from life, brings a certain quality and aliveness to the image.  I think many of you are gracefully accepting the challenge to get out of your comfort zone and try new mediums and explore different ways of approach, I hope this will be something that each of you can own and find value in the practice for yourselves.  As an a artist, the element of surprise and discovery, adventure and exploring are major factors in bringing vitality to one’s work.

What ever you did in terms of portrait, at some point do it again, on  your own, for yourself, continue to stretch yourselves.  The top priority is to enjoy the process, allow yourself to fall into the process of creating, for the simple pleasure of creating.   Two hours evaporating, as if it’s been ten minutes, this is the place I want each of you to find.   To enjoy the experience of creating, drawing, painting.  There is great pleasure and satisfaction when your play becomes your vocation.  You play at work and your work is play.

Illustration is not to be taken seriously.  It’s an artist in a sandbox, simply havin’ at it- for fun.   Someone will place value on the fun you are having and want to share your art with others.

One of the highlights for the week was Patrick’s prints he pressed out for his portrait.  He incorporated some of what he saw in his artist review with Gary T, but Patrick made it all his own.  He found the zone, had fun with it.  Patrick, I’m still looking for you to post a nice scan of your favorite print on your site.


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