Complimentary Colors- broad planes, assignment five

Use complimentary colors, choose one set to work with.  For instance, blue and orange- but any set of compliments will work- your choice.  Utilize the two colors as the driving force within you visual.   Work with broad solid flat planes of color.   Use cut paper, or gouache, or acrylic, or illustrator,  but think in terms of flat broad color.   Content will be fruit, or food, or a table top at a dining experience- or anything in between, run with it.   Keep the visual as simple and strong as you can.  Fewer lines, less lines and more color.   Think in terms of shape and contrast.  Limit your palette.   Two colors are best.   Full bleed.  Not a spot image.   Sketches due Monday night, midnight, the 15th.   Finals posted online, due Thursday night at 10:00 pm, February 18th.   I can see a purple and yellow hamburger on a plate.   Any food will work.

Let me know if you have any questions.


One response to “Complimentary Colors- broad planes, assignment five

  1. sweet i cant wait to see what everyone makes!

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